Our Mission

Who likes boring clothes? Let’s talk about it! Our mission is to create a transitional wardrobe for the BOLD woman you are! We continuously strive to provide you trendy, chic, colorful, and BOLD pieces with great quality at an affordable price! In addition, you are important to us, therefore, we strive to provide the best customer service that transcends your expectation.

Our Vision

We envision that you will feel empowered in your Vanity pieces, display confidence, and have the courage to standout in an uncomfortable way; BOLD!

The Brand

Touched By Vanity is an online clothing brand that speaks to YOU, a woman who is brave, beautiful, and confident; a woman who is BOLD in her own way. While you’re here, we have some questions for you! What are you wearing to brunch? Did you find your vacation outfit? It’s date night, oh? You don’t know what you’re wearing? Do you ever get tired of the same boring clothes? Trust us, we get it and we got you! Our owner, J.Bell decided it was time to offer something different! “The BBB (bold, beautiful, and brave) needs a brand that caters to them and only them! The BBB is going to love this!” Her words exactly. In 2023, Touched By Vanity’s rebrand was birthed!

“Though we’ve come a long way on the backs of the BOLD women before us, we still have a long way to go.” So glad you stopped by you Bold, Beautiful, and Brave Babe! Thank you for joining us on this beautiful new journey! Now, let’s brunch, let’s date, let’s travel and look damn good doing it!